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Monday, October 03, 2016

New Angel Warriors Program Eyed

BERLIN – A Worcester County Warriors Against Opiate Addiction subcommittee is hoping to start a new program that will direct residents dealing with substance abuse to appropriate resources.

Warriors co-founder Heidi McNeeley, announced the new Angel Warriors program at the group’s sixth meeting Tuesday evening.

McNeeley, the Navigating Resources Subcommittee chair, says the concept came from the Gloucester Police Department in Massachusetts.

The program does not immediately punish offenders who come to the police for help, but instead assigns them to an “angel” who can direct them to treatment.

The Warriors subcommittee is currently partnering with the Worcester County Sheriff’s Office and other officials to help those who admit their drug abuse.



Anonymous said...

Hey i say
If you play you Pay.

Anonymous said...

Not everybody who is addicted to opiods "played" to get where they are now. Many of them were prescribed pain relief medicine to which they became physically addicted. There are real withdrawal symptoms when a person has a physical addiction. It is a serious matter.

We aren't talking about people who party on Saturday night.
Is that what you mean by "playing"?

Get real. Act like an adult.

Anonymous said...

2:47. That goes with anything.

Anonymous said...

Right back at you. Opiate medication is to manage pain not to become a crutch for your weakness. I'm tired of the "addiction is a disease" horsesh!t. Man up, quick p1ssing and moaning expecting everyone else to get sucked into your poor pitiful me crap.

Anonymous said...

Big Pharma gets what big Pharma wants!!!don't think for a moment they wish for this problem to go away. It's never been more profitable for them to work with the CIA and our government running heroin from Afghanistan. Then coming up with legal addiction options for those new junkies.

Anonymous said...

747 - You are on target in my opinion. Well stated.

636 - You may have never experienced these pharmaceuticals? They are engineered to release certain natural chemicals in the brain. They make a person feel things not normally possible in a natural environment. They are very enjoyable experiences. You may be unaware of this and so you are more critical of strangers who are dealing with this problem. It is a real problem. It isn't something to be taken lightly.