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Monday, October 03, 2016

Tomorrow: Wikileaks plans INDOOR announcement after sources say Hillary THREATENED…

For the past few months, Wikileaks founder and figurehead Julian Assange has stated that his next leak of information “will ensure Hillary Clinton’s arrest.” It was the October Surprise many of us hoped for – and the release was planned for tomorrow.

However, we reported yesterday, Assange had to cancel his planned balcony announcement in London amid “security concerns,” but then decided to appear via video on Tuesday morning at Wikileak’s 10th anniversary celebration in Berlin instead.

What were those security concerns? Perhaps they had something to do with information a website called True Pundit just published, allegedly showing Hillary wanted Assange dead. Wikileaks is promoting that information on its Twitter feed.



Anonymous said...

The Clinton Crime Family has offered 1 Billion dollars to anyone who delivers his head to Hillary.

Anonymous said...

And then after all the desperate hysteria of the past few days he produced? Nothing. Too funny.

Anonymous said...

Well the Coward didnt do it .

Anonymous said...

Foundation $$

Unknown said...

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Well the Coward didnt do it .

October 4, 2016 at 7:42 AM

Who may I ask are you calling a coward? Assange? If so, you are not well-informed.

I despise that word, coward. Most do not even know its meaning and are too quick to label others with it. And I will go so far as to suggest those who throw around that word are cowards themselves.

Regarding Assange, he has had at least one attempt on his life, yet he continues to publish. Would you? He has been on 'house arrest' at that embassy for 4 years. It seems some people do not like truth nor the ones who publish it.

Just look at Killary and the DNC. They were more upset that what they have done and continue to do was exposed, than they were about their wrong doing.

What was that George Orwell quote, telling the truth will be considered a treasonable act?