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Monday, October 03, 2016

Media omits Hillary's role in Bill's sex scandal

Donald Trump is forcing media organizations to recall former President Bill Clinton's sex scandal-ridden past, but many reporters are omitting a key detail about the scandals: Hillary Clinton's role in defending her husband and attacking his accusers.

Instead, the media is suggesting that Hillary Clinton should now be exempt from talking about it at all, despite the active role she played in the 1990s.

Immediately after this week's first presidential debate, Trump said he considered bringing up Bill's sex scandal-ridden history but that he didn't do so because the Clintons' daughter Chelsea was present in the room.

But the scandal doesn't only involve the former president and his affair with former White House intern Monica Lewinsky or several more allegations of sexual harassment by Bill Clinton. It also involves Hillary Clinton, who credible witnesses have said attempted to discredit Lewinsky and the other women's stories.


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Anonymous said...

millennials don't know this side of the clintons. after all, they had yet to be born. hope media informs them.