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Friday, October 07, 2016

Tancredo to 'Never Trumpers': Get Off Your 'High Moral Hill'

With the fate of the Supreme Court hanging in the balance, "Never Trumpers" need to come down from their "high moral hill" and back the GOP nominee despite misgivings, ex-Colorado lawmaker Thomas Tancredo tells Newsmax TV.

In an interview Tuesday with "America Talks Live" co-host J.D. Hayworth, Tancredo pointed to the high court's refusal to rehear the Obama administration's bid to revive the president's executive amnesty for millions of illegal immigrants as the reason "why we have to care" that Donald Trump is elected president.

"If there's any issue that matters at all to anybody, all the Never Trumpers or Almost Never Trumpers or whoever the heck you are, just think about … the decisions that are coming down the pike not just this year, but for generations to come, how this election will affect those outcomes," he said.

"I just get so furious with the Never Trumpers who want to stand on this high moral hill and talk about Trump's inadequacies. I don't care about Trump's inadequacies. … I care about the Supreme Court," he added.



Anonymous said...

Everyone needs to think about long-term outcome, not just the now.

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Anonymous said...

All those NOT guilty, STEP forward!