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Friday, October 07, 2016

Sick Hillary? Clinton Won't Attend Any Rallies For Over 2 Weeks

At the height of the presidential race, Hillary is taking it easy

Aside from the debates, Hillary Clinton won’t appear at any public events or rallies for over 2 weeks – at the height of the presidential race – suggesting that her health problems could be worsening.

Hillary’s schedule shows that she will appear at just one fundraiser, in San Francisco, California on Sunday, but besides that has absolutely no plans to show her face at any rallies.

Hillary’ s absence is emphasized by the fact that Bernie Sanders – who is 75-years-old – will head up no less than seven rallies over the next two days in place of Clinton



Anonymous said...

Why attend when no one shows up? Plus all the news outlets are doing the work for her

Anonymous said...

It's absurd and that Sanders is taking Hillary's place when his trust level for her must be below E.

Anonymous said...

Hillary isn't "taking it easy", she's sick. The only time we'll see her in public is after she's been juiced up and freshly medicated by her carry - along physician.
She's done. Stick a fork in her.

Anonymous said...

If she not sick, but taking it easy, why or how the heck does she expect or want the job?

Anonymous said...

She was told by her bosses that she must accept the job.
They chose her.

Anonymous said...

She already won, so she doesn't have to work at it.
She has done very little campaigning and no one else has noticed or realizes what is really going on?
Are you really that stupid?
Where is the media on this?

Anonymous said...

Someone made a comment the other day about the lack of Clinton yard signs. I guess dead people don't have a lawn to place on in. Someone should take a picture of a Clinton sign in a graveyard and send it to Joe.