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Friday, October 07, 2016

Top prison official talks of downsizing Maryland's prison system

BALTIMORE —Maryland's public safety chief on Thursday laid out the downsizing of the state's prison system.

It's the result of criminal justice reform and plummeting caseloads, dramatic in some places -- like Baltimore.

Video from Baltimore's Central Booking in 2003 shows nothing similar today. It used to be overcrowded with arrestees lined up outside waiting to be booked.

Today, Central Booking has room to spare, enough to allow part of it to soon be used to house women detainees from the old building next door.

"We are closing the women's detention center this month. I have told the legislature and every meeting I have been in. Those old buildings need to be shut down," Secretary of Public Safety Steve Moyer said.



Anonymous said...

They are not lined up anymore because they won't arrest them now.

Anonymous said...

Heading Quote: Top prison official talks of downsizing Maryland's prison system
Comment: Isn't that what Obama is doing with his black pardons?

Anonymous said...

Start by closing ECI...biggest mistake for the eastern shore was opening that cesspool

Anonymous said...

cutting down on what constitutes that which is illegal isn't enough?
now they will have to claim, no room at the inn? Outrageous!