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Friday, October 07, 2016

Summer of 2016 runs close second for deadliest season

While there were plenty of headlines and tragic stories over the last few months, Ocean City is not ending its deadliest summer. It was, however, a close second.

From May 1 to Labor Day, six fatalities occurred in Ocean City, five as the result of accidents and one was a homicide.

In comparison, 2014 was the worst in the five-year period, with seven fatalities. One was a homicide and six were related to rip currents in the ocean.

“Any time there is a death in Ocean City it truly does affect us all, regardless of the circumstances,” said Police Public Affairs Specialist Lindsay Richard. “What is particularly tragic is that … these deaths could have been avoided.

Unfortunately for Ocean City, health and safety statistics rarely put things in perspective, as the number of incidents is frequently divided into the number of year-round residents to produce a percentage of population figure for crimes and serious accidents.


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Anonymous said...

This is only deaths. Statics on theft? Assault? Drug and alcohol related incidents? Bet they're just as bad if not worse. And the two cops killed in the plane crash was the Lord taking out two corrupt cops! The one was known to plant evidence and rough up kids. No love lost there!