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Friday, October 07, 2016

Ford Bronco and Ranger Are Coming Back!

Last year, a proposed contract between the United Auto Workers (UAW) and Ford hinted that the automaker would introduce brand-new versions of the Bronco 4x4 and Ranger pickup truck. When Donald Trump seized on Ford's decision to move small car production to Mexico during a Presidential debate, the UAW countered with some fact-checking—and in the process, confirmed the return of the Bronco and Ranger.

Shown above, a fan's imaginary rendering of what a 2020 Ford Bronco could look like,originally published on

Bill Johnson, a UAW rep for Ford's Wayne, Michigan plant, confirmed to the Detroit Free Press that the Bronco and Ranger will begin production once Focus and C-Max production shifts to Mexico. Johnson felt the need to clear the air after Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump accused Ford of cutting U.S. jobs during the first Presidential debate.

"I think Trump needs to get his facts straight," Johnson told the Freep. "He is absolutely beating up on Ford for doing what everybody else has already done."



Anonymous said...

The Bronco should have never left. I bought one of the last ones in 1996 and that was a nice Truck!

Anonymous said...

Just because others have done it doesn't make it right to throw away more American jobs for the sake of an even higher profit margin.

Zorro said...

With Obama gas prices....who can afford to drive these tanks????

Anonymous said...

so they are moving the production of certain lines out of america, and trump doesnt get it right? typical lying pos democratic supporter!

Anonymous said...

I hope Trump charges you 10,000 to ship each vehicle made in Mexico back here to sell.

Anonymous said...

Let those junk cars go to Mexico to be built. Already made like they're built there. Cheaply made. Glad the old American tough trucks are coming back built here on American soil. Just hope they aren't cheaply made like the ones already being produced.