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Friday, October 07, 2016

Judge meets with attorneys in case of Nicole Bennett killing

GEORGETOWN, Del. — A Delaware judge is meeting with attorneys to discuss the murder case against a man accused of raping and killing a fellow church worker in Sussex County.

The judge scheduled an office conference Friday with attorneys to discuss the case against Matthew Burton of Dagsboro. Burton’s trial in the death of 35-year-old Nicole Bennett was scheduled for this month after being continued earlier this year.

Bennett, a volunteer daycare leader at Bay Shore Community Church near Gumboro, was found dead in June 2012 in Worcester County, Maryland.



Anonymous said...

Did you have to post this creep's ugly face? Put Nicole's picture instead so the people can see what this POS took away

Anonymous said...

4 damn years and still not trial????? What a waste of taxpayers' money. What the hell is wrong with this system?

Anonymous said...

Sicko would be frying in an electric chair by now if the PC crowd hadn't whined about the death penalty and appeals didn't take years...if you clearly are track him