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Friday, October 14, 2016

Close the schools

Exclusive: Art Robinson, Ph.D., has way to give 'a great gift' to 50 million students

At dinner recently, a friend told me that he had called Peter DeFazio’s office (15-term “progressive” congressman whom I oppose) and asked about his claims that Art Robinson is anti-education. “Oh yes,” he was told, “Robinson is definitely against education,” followed by remarks embellishing this.

“How can this be?” my friend asked. “Robinson’s six children all have college degrees in science and engineering. Five of the six have doctorates.”

“Click.” DeFazio’s man hung up on him.

I have been an educator of K-12, college, graduate and postgraduate students for most of my life. At the University of California at San Diego and Stanford, I taught undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate students. After my wife’s death, when they were ages 1 and a half to 12, I taught my own children, and our family business has provided our award-winning curricula and books to more than 100,000 homeschooled and public-schooled K-12 students. We know a lot about education. I am, however, opposed to “education” as it has been transformed.

Fifty million American young people are attending schools designed by unionized political bureaucratic apparatchiks – such an inferior design that our nation has fallen from first in the world 50 years ago to an average of essentially last in the developed world in educational performance.


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Anonymous said...

Bingo! It ain't all about "more money for the kids". We're being ripped off. But this is all a part of the liberals' plan to take over free republic and turn it into a free-for-all socialist country that has been proven time and time again, it just doesn't work!