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Friday, October 14, 2016

New Liberal Law

Listening to the news at 4 AM this morning, the President and his Wife are all over the news attacking Donald trump for the ALLEGATIONS women came forward saying Trump groped them. 

Isn't it amazing how our highest figure in the world and his Wife  are so scared that they will publicly attack and innocent man, 100% defaming him without a single drop of evidence, staging the destruction of a presidential election. That's how desperate the liberal party is. They do not care about facts, truth or honesty. 

After you liberals read this article, you have no argument or defense. There is NO EVIDENCE and you people will drop lower then sewer scum, (especially the media) to win a race you can not win with honor. 

If this is how you want to win, I believe I speak for millions of Americans, many of us will be considering options as to where we believe we'd like to live because this is not the America we choose to live in any longer. 

Our President and his Wife are publicly stating this is not the kind of behavior we should accept as President of the United States. Well let me set the record straight Mr. lawyer President. Mr. Trump is innocent until proven guilty and you have no right slandering this man without one shred of evidence. YOUR behavior is NOT Presidential. 


John of Salisbury said...

It is all about ideology. HRC is a national socialist, Marxist communist. Many in the American media (and America itself) believe in or are national socialists, Marxists communists. That is why the media support her; as the old saying goes: "birds of a feather flock together."

The slanted polling we see today is being done to depress DJT voters. Don't believe what these domestic enemies are saying. If all of his supporters turn out and vote on November 8th., DJT will win by a landslide.

Anonymous said...

So even though Hillary Clinton has been investigated more than any other politician in history and has been found to have behaved within the law, she can be judged guilty; While Donald Trump can deny his own words to claim innocence? ok.

Anonymous said...

This is what they do. It's in the playbook.

Anonymous said...

If Trump was still a Democrat they would be taking up for him or not making any comments at all.

Anonymous said...

8:21 AM Ha ha ha , you are funny. No she did not behave with in the law. She paid off Comey with some promise. Even he stated she did not follow the law.
The server was not within the law.
Mishandling classified information was not withing the law
Deleting evidence while under investigation is not within the law.

Its not who you know it is who you Bl*w and she blew Comey, one way or another he got something out of the deal.

Naive and uneducated is my only description of you. I now others like you, all I can do is shake my head and feel sorry for you. Sad to be such a sheeple.

It is not what you say, it is what you do.

Anonymous said...


Concerned Retiree said...

You cannot deny that "Racism" and "Sexual Misconduct accusations" are a main part of the DemocRAT's playbook. They play these two cards 99% of the time. They even tried this same BS on McCain or does everybody have a very short memory. The DemocRATs and the MSM always push these agendas and their "freebie followers" will believe it and vote for them. They don't want to give up their freebies.

Anonymous said...

8:21...investigated by whom? You had better hope you are never investigated by Hillary's IRS, FBI, or DOJ.

Anonymous said...

She was found to have behaved within the law?? OMG are you that stupid?? Your statement about her being investigated more than any other politician in history should tell you she shouldn't be President. Our while government is corrupt. Bill Clinton is a rapist and your worried Donald Trump said the word pu$$¥. Wow just wow!!

Anonymous said...

Go through town and find one Clinton sign in front of the section 8 apartments go down the same road out of town and see half a dozen Trump signs in front of single family homes and family farms. Who do you think supports Clinton and who supports Trump.