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Friday, October 14, 2016

Worcester Warriors to launch treatment program

Six months ago, two mothers who had watched their children struggle with heroin addiction stood in a conference room in the Ocean Pines Library with about 50 strangers during what was the first meeting of their new group, the Worcester County Warriors Against Opiate Addiction.

Information was exchanged, tearful stories were told and a larger discussion was started by founders Jackie Ball and Heidi McNeeley about what can people do to help friends and family members struggling with addiction.

A month later, during the group’s second meeting, attendance had swelled to nearly 300, partially because a series of fatal overdoses in the area drove even more people to ask that same question.

By this time, delegates and senators had gotten involved, along with local law enforcement, officials from local schools, and several workers from the Worcester County Health Department.



Anonymous said...

This is exactly how the problem of heroine needs to be addressed, not with free needles and free dope provided by the tax payers. Watch intervention. Our government is the worst enabler on the planet.

Anonymous said...

God bless these good people. It is great to hear some "feel good" news like this.