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Friday, October 14, 2016

Hundreds of Asylum Seekers from Africa, Russia Arriving at U.S. Border

Hundreds of migrants from Haiti, Africa, Asia, Armenia, and Russia have been arriving at ports of entry in Arizona. It remains unclear how some of the individuals have been able to move without interference from Mexican authorities; however the case appears to be the latest development in an ongoing trend.

For several days, groups of individuals have been walking to the port of entry in San Luis, Arizona, where they approach an officer with U.S. Customs and Border Protection and make a request for asylum. In San Luis Colorado, Sonora, Mexico’s Radio Formula has reportedthat more than 400 individuals from Haiti and Africa have been staying in the city at local hotels near the border, awaiting their turn to surrender to U.S. authorities.

The dramatic spike appears to follow a trend that has seen hundreds of asylum seekers appearing at various other ports of entry demanding refugee status or asylum. Breitbart Texas recently reported on hundreds of Africans immigrants who had been leveraging Mexico’s immigration system in order to get to the ports of entry in Calexico and San Ysidro, California, and El Paso, Texas.



Anonymous said...

When is enough is enough ? Wake the f .. up you people and starting voting for people to protect our borders.

Anonymous said...

Let's not be overusing the word "asylum", or it will lose its meaning.

Anonymous said...

This country needs to get back to taking care of its own citizens.

Anonymous said...

There is nobody to vote for.
They are all bought by the international bankers.
It is an agenda.
The US is under the control of the intelligence agencies.