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Friday, October 14, 2016

Leak: Hillary's 'Personal' Tweets Drafted By Committee

Leaked emails indicate at least some of Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton’s personal tweets are actually created partially or entirely by members of her staff.

Clinton’s Twitter account has long acknowledged that much of its content comes from Clinton’s staff. Therefore, to distinguish which tweets came straight from Clinton herself, the account states that personal tweets will be signed “-H.”

But an email leaked by WikiLeaks Wednesday afternoon suggest that isn’t the case, and that Clinton’s “personal” tweets are instead crafted by her staffers just like all the rest.

In the email, Clinton campaign staffer Milia Fisher asks for campaign chairman John Podesta to sign off on the text of three tweets regarding Clinton’s fundraising that will be attributed to Clinton herself. Notably, Fisher’s plan includes crafting a tweet to make on Podesta’s behalf so that Clinton could then retweet it immediately.



Anonymous said...

What about the "WET WORKS" WIKI LEAK justice scalia was probably murdered?

Anonymous said...

She works for the globalists, just like Barry does.
The intelligence agencies write all of the scripts.
The US government is a secret government.