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Monday, September 26, 2016

"The Hillary Coverup Operation" - How PRN Described Clinton's 60-Day "Email Retention Policy"

Just a few weeks after getting lambasted by just about everyone outside of the Clinton campaign for dumping investigation notes on the media the Friday before Labor Day weekend, in an obvious attempt to "bury the story", last night the Federal Bureau of Immunity did it again dropping nearly 200 pages of new, redacted interview notes.

Perhaps one of the most interesting discoveries in the new notes comes from yet another "Undisclosed PRN Staff Member." Apparently, after receiving a request from Cheryl Mills and Heather Samuelson (both of whom we no know were granted immunity deals by the DOJ) back in December 2014 to change Hillary's email retention policy to 60 days, this "Undisclosed PRN Staff Member" wrote a work ticket that referred to the request as "the Hillary coverup operation." Per the FBI notes:
Hillary Coverup Operation
But don't worry folks, according to the FBI's notes on the interview conducted on February 18, 2016, this "Undisclosed PRN Staff Member" assured the FBI that the comment was just "a joke." Apparently that explanation was good enough for the FBI so we should probably just take it at face value as well.

Though the Trump campaign doesn't seem to be buying the "it was just a joke" defense as Senior Communications Advisor, Jason Miller, released the following statement last night on the situation:


1 comment:

lmclain said...

Do you know how many American citizens are in jail for "just a joke" comment?
EVERY DAY there is a new revelation concerning her and her staff's complicity in destruction of evidence, obstruction of justice, hampering an investigation, conspiracy to obstruct, perjury, and giving false statements.
You or I would already be in prison, hoping that we could slip in among the coke dealers and maybe get a pardon.
Two Sets of Laws.
Stamped with "Approved by the FBI".
That's another sign in the decline of a civilization --- the people charged with applying and enforcing the law begin to protect the wealthy and influential from the law, while imprisoning the serfs for the same crimes.
It's coming. It's INEVITABLE.
That's what you are cheering --- it ain't a "woman for President", it ain't "diversity:, and it ain't "peace and love"
If Hillary is elected (by one way or another...) we will tell the world that a serial lying, cheating, stealing, bribe-taking and bribe SOLICITING whore CAN be the BEST person we can get to lead us.
Watch all hell break loose then.
Keep cheering.