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Monday, September 26, 2016

After Getting Hate for Pro-Cop Comments, Charles Barkley Hits Back With a Million-Dollar Question

Former NBA star Charles Barkley has never been shy about either his political beliefs or his thoughts about what the 'black community' should do in the wake of riots and protests over police shootings.

Barkley waded into the issue of Black Lives Matter activism a couple weeks ago, when he told ESPN’s “The Dan Le Batard Show”:

“The cops have made some mistakes; black people have made some mistakes.

We have to sit back and be honest with each other. The cops have made some mistakes, that don’t give us the right to riot and shoot cops.”
Barkley got plenty of hateful responses on his remarks, but he shrugged it off during a follow up interview on Sirius Radio's The Bleacher Report:
 "Black people only like you when you say what they want you to say. I'm a big boy. I can handle the heat."
Talk about heat. Barkley waded straight into the fire:


Anonymous said...

He is exactly right. Black people do only like you when you say what they want to hear. Doesn't matter if it's a lie. This complete lack of honesty within their communities is a major cause of all their problems. The problem then is this dishonesty combined with a complete lack of morals prevents them from admitting the truth.

Anonymous said...

He's a man and that's the problem, These kids are not raised with a real man in the house.

Anonymous said...

Right on, Sir Charles!

Anonymous said...

They'll never change. All their elders and last generation wanted to do was raise hell, kill whitey, and burn down their own communities. Been going on forever. They could'nt care less about anyone like Barkley and his logic.It's a shame good people have to live among the scum in these communities and suffer from their insanity.