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Monday, September 26, 2016

FBI Dump Reveals Obama's Pseudonym Use, Private Email Traffic with Hillary's Private Email

The Federal Bureau of Investigation revealed Friday that President Barack Obama used a private email address and pseudonym to communicate with Democratic presidential nominee Hillary R. Clinton and her own private email account as early as June 2012.

Posted at the FBI’s Vault site, the revelation was part of a 189-page document dump of interview notes from conversations its agents conducted about how Clinton handled classified electronic correspondence, other documents, and her private email scheme during her tenure as secretary of State.



Anonymous said...

Meaning that he is as guilty as she is!

Anonymous said...

OK, now we can send the both to jail. Or better yet execute them for treason!

lmclain said...

CONSPIRACY!!! At the highest levels of government!

Now, it cannot be denied that Obama himself KNEW of the server and the likely breach of security.
The ENTIRE group is corrupt. And not "just a little".


Its the ONLY way to return some integrity to our system.