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Monday, September 26, 2016

BREAKING NEWS: Man Shot In Columbia Maryland

Howard County Police Columbia Md, respond to scene with mental subject man with gun suicidal/homicidal shot by police. Subject was shot once after getting out of the vehicle with a hand gun. He is critical but stable and was sent to Shock Trauma. 

Upon listening to the scanner, the complainant stated the subject was on his way to kill his family and wanted to to be shot by police, suicide by cop. 

This just in on Fox News.


Anonymous said...

His wish was granted .

JoeAlbero said...

9:23, he is not dead.

Anonymous said...

Will this qualify as a reason for night after night of 'peaceful protesting' in Columbia MD?

Anonymous said...

attempted suicide by innocent police action

Anonymous said...

Right peaceful protests and prayer vigils with 100's if not 1000 cops all around and black shoots and kills another black but it's the police they have to fear. Someone is trying to send them a powerful message with that shooting in Charlotte but they aren't getting the message.