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Monday, September 12, 2016

Our New America


Anonymous said...

All you yogurt pushing,timeout only everyone is a winner yuppies parents are truly to blame for 1/3 of our youth problems in America today. Other 2/3 van be discussed at a later time! This creates employees with no competitive drive! 30 yr old job less children living on mom's basement. Mainly single because they have no drive to do anything but play Xbox and ear Cheetos! Whiney children who think they are as good as everyone is and life isn't fair when they aren't treated equally! The handouts! Oh!!!! This is something that needs to stop! W have winners and losers for a reason! Natural selection! Only the strong survive!

Rebel Without a Clue said...

Sad, but true!

Anonymous said...

This one deserves that 3st medal!