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Monday, September 12, 2016

Dolphins recorded having a conversation 'just like two people' for first time

Two dolphins have been recorded having a conversation for the first time after scientists developed an underwater microphone which could distinguish the animals' different "voices".

Researchers have known for decades that the mammals had an advanced form of communication, using distinctive clicks and whistles to show they are excited, happy, stressed or separated from the group.

But scientists have now shown that dolphins alter the volume and frequency of pulsed clicks to form individual "words" which they string together into sentences in much the same way that humans speak.

Researchers at the Karadag Nature Reserve, in Feodosia, Russia, recorded two Black Sea bottlenose dolphins, called Yasha and Yana, talking to each other in a pool. They found that each dolphin would listen to a sentence of pulses without interruption, before replying.



Anonymous said...

There was a nice pod of dolphins in the Bay at OC the other day. They were great to watch.

Anonymous said...

World hunger, cancer, AIDS, MS, Alzheimer's and a hundred other devastating and debilitating diseases pushed aside to fund learning how dolphins talk.

Anonymous said...

Gess hillary will truck them to the polling booth to.

Steve said...

Was this during pre-season play or just practice?