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Monday, September 12, 2016

Nasal spray not recommended for flu vaccine this year

Sorry, little one, this news is going to pinch for a couple of seconds: This year’s flu vaccine will probably have to come in the form of a shot, not those two little puffs up the nose. Because when it comes to preventing the misery of the flu, that nasal spray vaccine has proved to be a bit of a flop.

No, the adults don’t really know why. But when they went back over the last three flu seasons and did the math, they found that kids between 2 and 17 who got the vaccine made with live attenuated virus — the puff up the nose — were 21/2 times more likely than children who got the shot (which uses an inactivated virus to teach the immune system) to get sick with the flu.

So for the coming year, at least, the American Academy of Pediatrics — the group that gives your doctor advice about your care — is recommending that FluMist “should not be used in any setting.”



Anonymous said...

the flu shot doesn't work. it only about money.

Anonymous said...

The best protection is to avoid contact with children and wash your hands after contact with anyone or public surfaces (door handles/atm machines).

Anonymous said...

The flu vaccine is not recommended this year (or any year).
Educate yourself.