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Monday, September 12, 2016

Maryland Higher Education Commission offers help to ITT Tech students

BALTIMORE —Students enrolled at the failed ITT Tech Institute are still coming to grips with the school's closing this week. The state has stepped in to try and help them decide what to do.

More than 600 ITT students enrolled at the schools Baltimore and Anne Arundel counties campuses are impacted by the school's closing. Looking for answers, they're now being encouraged to contact the Maryland Higher Education Commission.

The ITT shutdown came unexpectedly, and many students said it's disheartening. It hit home for Maryland students working toward degrees. The state's higher education commission is stepping in. It sets the policies for public, private colleges and career schools. MHEC secretary Dr. James Fielder said his office is doing all it can to help students get back on track.

"I look at it in terms of the dreams. People have dreams and they pursue them aggressively. They are the ones who chose to go after these degrees," Fielder said.


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Anonymous said...

The state steps in to help decide ? This government led society , can't we make any decisions on our own?