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Monday, September 12, 2016

DHS whistleblower: Muslims waging 'settlement jihad' on U.S.

WASHINGTON – Muslims from around the world are coming to America to wage “settlement jihad” and implement Shariah law, a Department of Homeland security whistleblower warns.

The eye-opening observations were made by former Department of Homeland Security officer Philip Haney at the ACT for America 2016 Conference Tuesday.

Haney warned that most Muslims do not migrate to America with the intention of assimilating into American culture.

“The observant Muslim base is the reason for civilizational and/or settlement jihad,” he said. “That is why they are immigrating to America, to come and coalesce into one solid unit with the intention – and it is intentional – to implement Shariah law, which according to Islamic theology is the grace and gift to mankind.”



Anonymous said...

Duhhh. Is this a new discovery?? This has been Obama's primary goal since BEFORE he became President.

Anonymous said...

Very, very bad cult!

Anonymous said...

This is why there is a checkbox for that on the immigration/ naturalization test. There are questions in place for all applicants that weed these people out and disqualify them for citizenship. That's why we can't let Illegal Immigrants stay here without being vetted.

We have these laws in place; all we need to do is enforce them!!!!!

Anonymous said...

We know!! Why do you think the Kenyan Muslim is allowing these pos in unvetted.

Anonymous said...

I say kick them all out!

Anonymous said...

Maybe we can mess them up and send all the peaple who are not willing to work and on welfare to the Muslim countries , that may give them a chance to see what is like in the states, and maybe they will change their minds about coming here.

Anonymous said...

O FFS . Baaah Baaaah baaah. I guess that's like Christians waging settlement crusades on the Native Americans.

Not Quite Understanding said...

5:30AM - While your point is valid to a certain degree, this is not the 17th, 18th, or 19th Century and unlike the native population of this country at the time, we are considered a 1st World Country. The immigration and import of all of these people from Muslim countries who want Sharia Law imposed in the US is not the same thing. They are from 2nd and 3rd World Countries and are trying to convert the US to resemble the places that they came from. Please do not compare Apples to Oranges. Sorry for the Readers Digest answer but I'm sure that the readers can fill in the missing information. Yes, the European's did do despicable things to the Native Americans but in the end, the US became the most prosperous and the freest nation on the planet. If we are not careful, all of this will change.

Just my two cents.

Anonymous said...

Well mr. Or ms. Blah blah crapy things have been done by many religious peaple of all faiths, we live in the here and now , there is not one thing i can do about past injustices, but i can make a difference about the present. Peaple that come here with a mentality of you will abide by my religious rules, despite your American cherished freedoms, should stay out . Many of them come here and don't want to assimilate, does it make any sense that the masses should completely change for the few. And yes i do understand history and hatred and bigoted views im half Irish and cherokee, I don't believe they were treated like royalty.