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Monday, September 12, 2016

Clinton Corporate Cash: Clinton Receives $31 Million from Corporate Donors

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton is racking up corporate donations.

A report by The Wall Street Journal found that out of the $36 million corporate employees donated to presidential campaigns, $31 million of those dollars went to Clinton. In other words, 86 percent of corporate donors backed Clinton.

The Center for Responsive Politics provided the data and covers only donations over $200. The donations were recorded over a three-month period from May to July 2016.

At the same point in the election in 2012, Mitt Romney received 62 percent of the money from that same group of corporate donors, The Hill reported.



lmclain said...

Trump doesn't play by their bribery and corruption rules.
He is scaring the living bejezzus out of them.
God help them if someone is elected that DOESN'T need a bribe.

Of course, that is still an imaginary scenario.
Despite the hype, Hillary is a lock. Bet the house.
After committing every financial crime possible, thumbing her nose at the FBI, and arrogantly ignoring laws designed to protect our secrets, she is now apparently lying about some SERIOUS health issues (pneumonia, my ace).
And the wagons (her aides, the secret service, her doctors, and 99.9999% of the national media) circle her for protection.
When she allows a close up picture, or one where she is not wearing an inch or two of make-up, that woman looks like someone raised her from the dead a couple of days ago. She looks 90 years old and frail.
How could she run the greatest military, political, social, and economic power on the planet when she can't even walk up the stairs or get into a car without assistance? THAT is the BEST person the democratic hero-worshippers can come up with????
A sickly, lying, criminal.
Keep cheering.

Anonymous said...

This is money not so well spent.