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Monday, September 19, 2016

Hillary Clinton Says “Bombings In New York” – 40 Seconds Later Criticizes Use of Word “Bombing”

These MSM dolts are so dependent on collaborated and scripted narratives, they can’t even stop themselves from following the script when it makes them look silly

In under a minute you can see/hear an audio visual demonstration showing why the vast majority of Americans just laugh at journalists in the 2016 presidential campaign.

A well sedated Secretary Clinton begins her remarks (00:28) by saying:

“I’ve been briefed about the bombings in New York and New Jersey, as well as the attack in Minnesota”…

Note the emphasis: “briefed about the bombings“.

However, seemingly oblivious to the fact Secretary Clinton just said “bombings“, Hillary’s traveling press pool asks the very first question 40 seconds later (01:08) which was:

“Do you have any reaction to the fact that Donald Trump, prior to taking the stage tonight, called the explosion tonight a bomb, and if that’s an appropriate term”?



Anonymous said...

Kind of like when our nominee swore that Obama wasn't born in the US and then does a 180. Like always.

Anonymous said...

Who the hell cares about the birth certificate issue. This continually brought up as a distraction because democrats have nothing of substance to talk about. Lets keep them on the real issues, they can never compete on real everyday issues.

Anonymous said...

CNN quickly edited out the first part when she said the "bombing." I'll tell you it has gotten to the point that the only people worse then Clinton herself are the filth of this country who can support such a liar and her minions. If you can be so low to support her then you yourself as a human being aren't worth a damn and so beneath the good decent people of this country that it would be no loss if you suddenly disappeared off the face of the earth. And if truth be told the world would suddenly become a better place without any Clinton supporters fouling the air.