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Monday, September 19, 2016

For Some Seniors Without Housing, A Parking Lot Is Home

Marge Giaimo makes her way to a picnic table under the shadow of an oak tree. Santa Barbara's trees, like its oceans and mountains, are one thing she says she never tires of here. After losing her senior housing three years ago, this table is where she does her painting these days.

"I feel very fortunate to have my car," Giaimo says. "It's a little cramped, but it's softer than cement."

Of all her once-valued possessions, today her 20-year-old, gold Oldsmobile is her most important one. It is her home, and she keeps it as neat as a pin.

"And then this is where I sleep," she says. "I have the three pillows and I have sponges under there or foam to sleep on."

In the wealthy coastal city of Santa Barbara, north of Los Angeles, the demand for senior housing is so great the wait list is now closed. After all, California's senior population is expected to grow by 50 percent in the next decade.



Anonymous said...

After losing her senior housing .......something more to this story.

Anonymous said...

So unfortunate buy you have able-bodied young men and women collecting all types of free assistance but these people who have worked all their lives and lost everything can not get help at all. Thank you for the safe parking lots

Anonymous said...

11:33 You sure that is what is going on here? She looks able to work and certainly eats well.

Anonymous said...

Senior my ass! That woman was a loafer whos ran out of ways to live off the government! Wanna see a senior in this manner? Go to arbys at Rt 50 an look around the parking lots there. Usually in the gas companies lot is a man who truly is a senior living out of a car! A veteran a that!