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Monday, September 19, 2016

Twice Arrested Illegal Alien Kills Sheriff's Deputy

A twice-arrested illegal immigrant killed a Kansas sheriff’s deputy on Sunday, a source with knowledge of the case told The Daily Caller.

Adrian Espinosa-Flores, 38, was charged Monday with involuntary manslaughter after he allegedly was driving drunk and crashed his pickup truck into a patrol car stopped on the side of the road. The crash killed Johnson County (Kansas) Sheriff’s Department Master Deputy Brandon Collins, 45.

The Kansas City Star reported Tuesday that Immigration and Customs Enforcement had placed an immigration detainer on Espinosa-Flores. Immigration detainers request that an individual be transferred to ICE custody, detainers are written for immigration violations but not necessarily for being in the country illegally.

A source at the Johnson County Sheriff’s Department with knowledge of the investigation told TheDC that the detainer was because Espinosa-Flores is in the United States illegally. The Johnson County District Attorney’s Office told The Daily Caller they couldn’t comment on the detainer as the investigation is on going.



Anonymous said...

Why is it that Americans get arrested and go to jail for a long time. Then illegal aliens get arrested, deported and walk right back into our country over and over again and kill our citizens and our Heroes. WTF is wrong with you damn people. WTH are you going to get some damn BALLS and take our damn country back!!!

Anonymous said...

Forced laborer to bild the wall.

Anonymous said...

Thank Obama

Anonymous said...

People need to start suing the government officials for this crap! Getting tired of hearing about known illegal criminals killing people. Bad enough our laws are not strong enough to stop the legal citizens for driving drunk on our roads.

Anonymous said...

They are not event deported most times. And lets not forget the criminal Osucka released!!