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Monday, September 19, 2016

Frail, drowsy Hillary a preview of '3 a.m.' alertness?

A noticeably drowsy and frail-looking Hillary Clinton addressed the media aboard her campaign plane Saturday evening, and it raises new questions about whether she’d be prepared for that “3 a.m. call” as she claimed in 2008.

Clinton — low energy, with her voice flatter than normal and eyes half open — referred to the two explosion incidents in New Jersey and New York on Saturday as “bombings” — then proceeded to imply criticism of Donald Trump for saying the acts involved a “bomb.”

“I’ve been briefed about the bombings in New York and New Jersey, and the attack in Minnesota,” Clinton said, referring to a knifing at a St. Paul mall in which the assailant allegedly shouted “Allah.”

“Obviously we need to do everything we can to support our first responders, also to pray for the victims,” she said.

“We have to let this investigation unfold. We’ve been in touch with various officials including the mayor’s office in New York, to learn what they are discovering as they conduct this investigation,” Clinton said.

“And I’ll have more to say about it when we actually know some facts,” she said.


Anonymous said...

I agree she looked drowsy.
The other Hillary is much more alert. Seems younger.

Anonymous said...

Her 3 a.m. ad in 2008 was crafty; designed to shine light on Obama's total lack of any real experience. Didn't work.

When she got the Benghazi call in mid-day both she and Obama went off radar. Have never seen an explanation for their whereabouts or decisions, although recently account has surfaced that potential rescuers were changing into and out of various uniforms while she/they dithered.

So after turning somersaults in front of Chelsea's after being revived on 9/11 she's back to needing a Geritol IV?

Anonymous said...

If she had her way the man who stopped the Muslim terrorist would have been unarmed and defenseless.

Anonymous said...

I agree she wants our guns and will taxed firearm dealers to the point of closing down. VOTE TRUMP

Anonymous said...

She is not well. She will never be again.