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Monday, September 19, 2016

Trump Slams CNN For Editing Out Clinton 'Bomb' Quote; "Disgusting, Disgraceful"

"These people are the most dishonest people"

Donald Trump slammed CNN during an interview on Fox and Friends this morning for editing out Hillary Clinton describing the New York attack as a “bombing” even as the network criticized Trump for using the same description.

CNN featured Clinton taking a question from a reporter on her campaign plane, agreeing that Trump was being insensitive for calling the attack in the Chelsea neighborhood of New York a “bombing,” despite Clinton referring to the incident as a “bombing” just moments before.

The network then repeated the stunt a second time, with host Jake Tapper slamming Trump for leaping to conclusions, again failing to play the clip where Clinton describes the incident as a “bombing”.

“CNN is disgusting and disgraceful,” said Trump, adding that he was treated more fairly by Fox News.



Anonymous said...

Clinton News Network... as biased as it gets.

Anonymous said...

CNN is garbage.

Anonymous said...

It is obvious that CNN is in the tank for Clinton. Can't stand to watch them anymore.

Trump needs to get back on script and watch the shooting from the hip or his numbers will drop. He gained ground by being measured and staying on point. Calling Bob Gates "dopey" and other things like that is going to backfire. He was winning over the "never Trumpers", but if he doesn't watch it, he will lose them again with his personal attacks. Being a statesman = winning!

Anonymous said...

What else should he call it? Bombs went off. Bombs planted by Muslims. Bombs meant to kill people and create terror. SO IT WAS A TERRORIST BOMBING. He didnt even go that far.

Label it what you want.

As for shooting from the hip, that is what many people like about him. But I agree with 12:37, those people that like him for shooting from the hip will still like him. Now he needs to win over and maintain the other voters.

What strikes me is that when Trump shoots from the hip it really shows which news outlets or political idiots are on the side of patriotic, Constitution loving Americans. Unfortunately its not many.

Anonymous said...

Your crazy it's over for Hillary. Way over.