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Monday, September 19, 2016

Another Message From The DNC


This is a massive problem.

For the first time, it’s clear: Trump could actually be our President.

We thought our grassroots community could band together to stop him this week.

But unfortunately, we haven’t been able to pick up the pace and fix this.

So while the media has a field day with the prospect of President Trump with a Republican Congress, we’re coming directly to you.

Tomorrow is our 5O Day Deadline, so we’re running out of time to rebound.


Anonymous said...

The deplorable candidate does not understand that the grass roots are the people her campaign has been over charging credit cards for donations. The media does not want to discuss, but that does not hide the crime.

Anonymous said...

Well, just bring Hillary out for a big press conference complete with shouting reporters and flashing cameras and have her let us know how poor she is! She must be about dead broke by now? A good rally by her should do the trick!

Anonymous said...

I am looking forward to 4 magic words from Hillary:"I concede to Trump".

Anonymous said...

Read the article on HSBC she has unlimited funding. Money laundering

Anonymous said...

Hill and Bill have more money then any person in the history running for president. 200k separate entities offshore and through out Europe. Clinton global has billion dollar pledges. She did not disclose on her taxes but Trump ironically got audited during the election. Shocker!!

Anonymous said...

Democrats are trying to make them be the underdog and set up trump at the debate. The polls will be released after stating what a great job she did and up in the polls. Probably already written. CNN said trump is up come on people it's a set up.

Anonymous said...

It seems like they've wasted the previous 49 days of their self-imposed 50 day deadline.
It's all baloney. Hillary is sicker than a dog and it can't be covered up any longer. Add this to her lies upon lies upon lies.
If you had a dog that randomly and savagely bit people (including you and your family members) as often as she's lied to us, you'd do yourself a favor by putting it down.

Anonymous said...

Dear DNC, you are deplorable and we do not want another career politician in the White House. Trump WILL be our next President!