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Monday, September 19, 2016

Former Aide Recalls The Time Obama Chewed Out Hillary For Muslim Rumor

In his 2015 memoir, “Power Forward,” Reggie Love recalled the time then-Illinois Senator Barack Obama chastised Hillary Clinton for fueling rumors he was a Muslim.

Love, who served as Obama’s body man from 2007-2011, described the “heated” incident, taking place on the tarmac of Reagan National Airport in D.C., as the moment the Obama campaign knew they would win the Democratic presidential nomination.

According to Love, Clinton had initiated a conversation to apologize “for the whole Shaheen thing.”

“[Obama] very respectfully told her the apology was kind, but largely meaningless, given the emails it was rumored her camp had been sending out labeling him as a Muslim,” Love wrote. “Before he could finish his sentence, she exploded on Obama.”



Anonymous said...

Both of them are turds in a punchbowl!

Anonymous said...

The article that follows onsite about Obama explaining why we need to elect a woman president only shows how desperate they are at keeping their lies and cover-ups secret. It is well known that they detest one another.