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Tuesday, August 09, 2016

Kaine Unable To Answer For Hillary’s Email Lies

Democrat vice presidential candidate says Hillary apologized for her mistake

Tim Kaine, Hillary Clinton’s vice presidential nominee, on Sunday was unable to answer when questioned if the former secretary of state lied to the American public about sending classified information via email.

After playing a montage of Hillary Clinton and FBI Director James Comey that for all intents and purposes indicated that Clinton lied to the American public, host of NBC’s “Meet the Press” Chuck Todd said, “[Clinton] seems to be conflating what she said to the FBI and what she said to the American public. Can you conclude here whether or not Secretary Clinton lied to the American public about sending and receiving classified email?”

“Chuck, let me just say this, I’m going to jump right to the punch line,” Kaine claimed. “I heard Hillary Clinton say over and over again when I’ve been sitting next to her and when I’ve watch her on TV that with respect to the emails, I made a mistake and I’ve learned something and I wouldn’t do it again and I’ve heard her apologize.”

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Anonymous said...

Funny that none of the rest of us heard anything like that from Hillary, not that it would matter.

Anonymous said...

Oh, no! They've slipped him some Koolade!

Anonymous said...

So she is sorry "What difference does that make?" using her own words. Well the difference is she still violated the law and should be punished.

Anonymous said...

Little Timmy Kaine will be the next POTUS as Hillary's health will become apparent soon after her victory over the People's wishes.

Anonymous said...

All the apologies in the world still doesn't help protect our nations security. Once you've been hacked all the top secret emails are out there. It would be like after the Chinese and Russians take over the USA saying oops I'm sorry I screwed up. Too late stupid the damage is done.