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Tuesday, August 09, 2016

District Attorney: 15-Year-Old Justified in Shooting Burglar with Shotgun

The Coos County Oregon District Attorney says a 15-year-old boy was justified in retrieving a shotgun and shooting an alleged burglar on Wednesday.

The incident occurred around 8:21 a.m. According to KCBY, the burglar entered the home and began rummaging around for things to steal. While he did, the 15-year-old made his way toward a shotgun and armed himself. The teen was then “in fear of his safety and shot the burglar in the leg with the shotgun.”

“Police identified the burglar as 33-year-old Myrtle Point resident Kenneth John Edwards III.” He was taken to a hospital “in serious, but not life-threatening” condition.



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More time at the range working on center mass, but still a great job young man!

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As it should be

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Also, remember dead men tell no tales.

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If you say so Hillary.