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Tuesday, August 09, 2016

Trump pollster: 'There's a big hidden Trump vote'

They're not exactly the Nixon era "silent majority," but both Republican and Democratic pollsters claim that there is a secret vote for Donald Trump showing up in some polls.

The Trump campaign on Sunday stated flatly there is a "big hidden Trump vote" in the nation.

And during the recent Democratic convention, a top pollster agreed, saying there is a "secret Trump vote."

Longtime Republican pollster and Trump advisor Kellyanne Conway explained on the Today show that the hidden vote is seen when anonymous online polls are compared to phone call interview polls where people have to be more public in stating who they support.

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Anonymous said...

Yea right.

Anonymous said...

Yes there certainly Is!

Anonymous said...

I've certainly noticed on 'social media' there's many more 'likes' and great comments for Trump than Clinton.

Anonymous said...

Like a lot of patriots, I want what is best for the country and the HildaBeast is what's worst for this country! Conversations get quite uncivil when Trump is brought up and the dumbocrats in the conversation are so set on voting for the Butcher of Benghazi that they won't even listen to any reasoning that she is bad news! I keep my mouth shut and try to inform fellow voters in a more subtle manner.

No holding back at the private voting booth though - Trump all the way.

So, that makes me part of the silent voting block!

Anonymous said...

Lots of Trump supporters are keeping quiet and letting the Clinton fans celebrate their presumptive victory; let them think it will be a landslide for her and they'll be more likely to sit out the election. .

Anonymous said...

Reminder: We will be voting on computers.

Anonymous said...

I know a lot of my white democratic friends will be voting for Trump. I think the democratic part has alienated, especially the white male blue collar worker. A lot of Marylander's register as a democrat because of it being a blue state, but there are still some conservative democrats out there.
I've been told when I was younger, if you want to run for public office or hold a political job in Maryland, you need to register as a democrat even if your beliefs are conservative. If you work in State government and want to get promoted, this is what you do.