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Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Guilty Plea For Maryland Man Who Videotaped Young Girls At Swim Meets

BALTIMORE (WJZ)—A Parkville man who has admitted to taking hundreds of videos of underage girls at swim meets has pleaded guilty to child porn charges.

Authorities say back on November 17, 2015, Baltimore County Police searched 53-year-old Ruben Uy Lim’s home and recovered electronic devices, including a hard drive containing videos of prepubescent girls engaged in sexual acts, which had been received over the internet.

Investigators also recovered six video cameras and computer discs which contained hundreds of homemade videos dating back to 2004, which were taken at swim meets, on beaches and at water parks. Lim took the videos using a filter that attached to the camera’s lens and allowed the camera to see through certain fabrics, including bathing suits.



Anonymous said...

Ok he had x-ray glasses basically?

Anonymous said...

Damn, he even looks like a pervert.

Anonymous said...

WOW! So the X-Ray glasses from the matchbooks really worked????


Anonymous said...

I knew I should've saved my cracker jack proofs lol. Only 50 of them and I couldve been seeing alot of beautiful and ugly things!

Anonymous said...

I'm just glad I didn't go the Gynecologist route. There's some ugly ones out there, LOL!