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Monday, August 22, 2016

Dirt Bike Collision Leaves 1 Man Dead

BALTIMORE (WJZ) — Police are investigating a fatal crash involving a dirt bike and a car.

It happened on Saturday around 5:30 pm.

Police responded to a report of a serious crash between a dirt bike and a 2008 Volkswagen Routon on Preston Street and Ellwood Avenue.

Based on an early investigation, police believe the 28-year-old driver of the Volkswagen was parking his vehicle in the westbound lane, when the dirt bike ran into the rear of the car.



Anonymous said...

"...Officials say dirt bike operator did not have a valid license and the dirt bike had been stolen out of Baltimore County back in July...."
The REAL shocker would've been if he was licensed, insured, wearing a helmet, and the bike WASN'T stolen.
In the meantime, 90% or more of law-abiding citizens have stopped riding mopeds because of those new laws.

Anonymous said...

Somehow it will be somebody's fault other than the dirt bike operator. I'm surprised that there isn't a protest march.

Anonymous said...

True that!

Anonymous said...

Dirt bikes are used by many drug dealers in Baltimore City because of their ability to elude law enforcement. If you see a dirt bike in Baltimore there is a 99.9% chance a drug dealer is riding it.