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Monday, August 22, 2016

Brownstein: ‘The Damage Is Done’ With Clinton Foundation Donation

The Atlantic’s editorial director Ronald Brownstein said Friday that the “damage is done” when asked if the Clinton Foundation’s decision to stop foreign donations will erase the damage already done by previous donations during and after Hillary Clinton’s tenure as secretary of state.

The Clinton Foundation announced Thursday it will no longer accept foreign or corporate donations if Hillary Clinton is elected president in November. Bill Clinton also announced that he will no longer give paid speeches.

Brownstein believes that a sufficient amount of damage has already been done, however, despite these decisions by the Clinton Foundation.

“I think the damage is done. You can’t pull out the individual strands, but if you look at the overall numbers, certainly the percentage of Americans who don’t fully trust her or consider her trustworthy is extraordinarily high” Brownstein said.



Anonymous said...

This won't undo what's been done, or the damage yet to be done with promises already in place, or the almost unlimited funding that supports the Clinton machine.

Anonymous said...

I promise to stop committing crimes if you elect me President!

Yeah right!

Anonymous said...

With all the money they have pocketed, 90% of all donations and 10% going to charities, they really don't need any more. However if one of these foreign donater's want to hire me I will be glad to donate 90% of my salary of 10 million or more a year to the foundation! (Sic)