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Monday, July 18, 2016

Surely, You Jest, Thornton!

Remember a week back when I wrote an article called Disturbing Precedent? I'm sure many attorneys on Delmarva thought old Thornton had dropped his basket. Well...

My prophecy has been fulfilled and, like predicted, it didn't take too much time at all. In fact, it was a mere week later when...

Apparently, a New York City Police officer has filed a not guilty plea for corruption, with his attorney citing the Hillary Defense.

While yours truly called it the Clinton Defense, the premise is identical in nature. The article is here on the NY Post website.

It seems that NY attorney, John Meringolo, has issued such a plea for his client NYPD officer James Grant in Federal Court. The defense states, "...She was unaware she was committing a crime. Here, there is no crime whatsoever." He states his client was no worse than Hillary Clinton.

The said alleged activity was police swapping favors from prostitute named Gabi Grecko, stating was merely a violation of police conduct and doesn't warrant federal charges.

Enjoy the article, my legal eagles scoffers!



Anonymous said...

Check out her Instagram page.

Jill said...

Why shouldn't anyone be allowed to use their talents to pay for services or material items? A doctor uses his skills, a mason uses his skills, a fighter, a masseuse, a dancer. I can sell my sperm or eggs, my blood, my ideas, my songs, my body for testing, but not for sex?
The government needs to get the hell out of peoples bedrooms!

Anonymous said...

Hilarious but sad. 🍳🍳