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Monday, July 18, 2016

OCPD: Undercover Narcotics Operation Results in 52 Arrests

OCEAN CITY, MD – (July 18, 2016): The Ocean City Police Criminal Investigation Division’s Narcotics Unit and Special Enforcement Unit recently completed multiple drug enforcement buy-bust operations during the month of June at various locations throughout Ocean City. These undercover operations ultimately led to 52 total arrests, including 19 arrests for distribution of narcotics, 18 for conspiracy to distribute narcotics and 15 arrests for disorderly conduct and other local ordinance violations.

During the undercover operations, detectives seized numerous drugs including heroin, MDMA, cocaine, marijuana and over 150 prescription pills, all worth a street value of $2,655. Detectives also seized two handguns, 11 concealed deadly weapons (knives, metal knuckles, stun guns), three vehicles and over $4,550 in U.S. currency.

The Ocean City Police Department (OCPD) would like to thank the Worcester County Sheriff’s Office Criminal Enforcement Team (CET) for their assistance in the drug enforcement operations. The CET consists of members of the Worcester County Sheriff’s Office and Maryland State Police. Narcotics Unit detectives were also assisted by the OCPD Special Enforcement Unit, Major Crimes Unit and Patrol Division.

Citizens are reminded that undercover officers continue to conduct drug enforcement operations throughout the year to ensure the safety of our residents and visitors. Drug activity often leads to more serious criminal incidents and the OCPD Narcotics Unit is dedicated to the safety of Ocean City residents and visitors.


Anonymous said...

All those drugs and the thugs dealing them, but so little crime in Ocean City? It's a miracle! Or is it a carefully orchestrated cover up of what really goes on in Maryland's 2nd largest city 4 months of the year?

Anonymous said...

"All those drugs"? Do the math please because $50 buck per arrest is amateur time. Where are the big guys who control all this $hit? No arrests? Didn't think so. Send OC cops back to policing their rowdy visitors and stop paying their union inflated salaries. You will see in other stories where OC taxpayers fund this police force in canvasing Delaware and other non OC locations in their quest to be noticed.

Anonymous said...

Come on...our LEO's and medical personnel do provide the best in service and have to put up with everyone in the community. Takes one to walk in a LEO's or medical personnel's shoes to fully understand. Not the yak yak about volunteer versus paid medical position in OC/berlin/et al - or the OCPD seasonals (lack there of) and paid year round.

We'd all feel the real pinch if LEO's and med positions were cut. Once we go down that route, the b*tchin/moaning would be deserved.

Anonymous said...

The big guys are military and intelligence.

Anonymous said...

OCPD Rocks! Low level dealers beware- and if the bitches are snitches, they'll nab a felony or two.
Thanks Blue! We support you!

Anonymous said...

Exactly...small beans. Not even news worthy. When they go to court, everyone gets a slap on the wrist, and a good laugh.