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Thursday, November 05, 2015

Vets Warn Some Md. Waterways Are Dangerous For Dogs

BALTIMORE (WJZ) — Water and dogs go together in Maryland but this time of year, that can prove fatal.

Alex DeMetrick reports conditions are right in some waterways to sicken and kill dogs.

Dogs that take to water need to be careful where they swim right now because in places like the Magothy River in Anne Arundel County, tiny black mussels are reproducing in big numbers.

“[The reason] is salinity. So years that we have more rain and less salt, we seem to see the mussels,” said Dr. Sally Hornor, an aquatic ecologist.



Anonymous said...

I think Maryland waterways are dangerous for everyone, not just dogs.

JoeAlbero said...

A neighbor called me a few weeks ago asking for my help. A baby duck was resting on the rip rap, (stones) and a mussel had close onto the foot of this little helpless duckling. I was able to pry the mussel open and free the little guy but his mother and two siblings swam away. I was able to follow them and released the little guy off the end of a local pier and fortunately they all reunited as the chick kept calling out for his mother. It was a cool reunion.

Anonymous said...

Nice story Joe. Rescued animal stories make my day.

Anonymous said...

Joe, thank you for doing the right thing and caring for the baby duck. You are a very kind man. GOD BLESS YOU.

Anonymous said...

If mussels filter the water, then what are you getting when you eat them? Yuck. And what do that have that affects dogs, but not people or other animals? That is very strange. People can eat things dogs can't, I get that. But other animals? Is it because dogs are domesticated?

That is a nice story about the duckling. Glad it was a happy ending!