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Friday, September 18, 2015

Spy on Your Customers or Else

Do you distrust the banking system? Prefer to do business in cash? Complain about the encroachment of Big Brother into every facet of your life?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, you’d better watch out. You’re a “person of interest” – and a growing number of businesses must report your “suspicious activities” to the feds. If they don’t, they can be fined and the responsible parties even imprisoned.

These requirements originated in a law called the “Bank Secrecy Act” (BSA). Of course, this Orwellian law has nothing at all to do with protecting bank secrecy. Indeed, the BSA has all but eliminated confidentiality.

Regulations issued under the BSA require financial institutions to notify the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN), a Treasury Department bureau, of any unusual transactions in which their customers engage. Reporting is mandatory for transactions that exceed $10,000 and are not the sort in which the particular customer would normally be expected to engage. For money transmitter businesses, a $2,000 threshold applies.

The businesses covered by these requirements must file “suspicious activities reports” (SARs) secretly, without your knowledge or consent. FinCEN makes the reports available electronically to every US Attorney’s office and to dozens of law enforcement agencies. No court order, warrant, subpoena, or even written request is needed to access a report.

What exactly is suspicious? According to official Treasury guidance, suspicious behavior includes:



lmclain said...

You are constantly being watched, listened to, photographed, recorded, and monitored. At every level. 24-7.
American citizens are SECRETLY arrested and SECRETLY tried. Property and money of American citizens is being taken at GUNPOINT by armed agents of the government WITHOUT CHARGES OR TRIAL. American citizens are stopped by the thousands EVERY DAY at Nazi "checkpoints" to see if, maybe, possibly, there MIGHT be a crime somewhere. Other "checkpoints" are in place to "check your pay-paas".
Innocent citizens are being FORCED to submit DNA samples, which are stored forever, innocent or not.
Jefferson and Madison are trying to climb out of their graves to find out how Americans let this happen. Armed agents are waiting for them to break the surface so they can put a bullet in their head.
And you just can't stop cheering.
Who are you trying to impress? Karl Marx??? Or Forrest Gump?
NOTHING is for your "safety" or "protection".
It's ALL about money. And control.
And you cheer like your team just won the Super Bowl.
Please stop.

Anonymous said...

Imclain - We are watching you closely.

Anonymous said...

Orwell's "1984" is now and alive and growing fast, when our own government sees all of us, the citizens, as a threat it is time to remove them from their position of perceived power granted to them by the very people they suspect of being ready to usurp them at any moment!

lmclain said...

Watch all you want.
Don't come to my house. At least, not without a lot of help.
You know what I'm sayin'......

Anonymous said...

Imclain - You've been on the radar for awhile. Gotta leave the house now and again. You know what we are sayin...

lmclain said...

Oh. I forgot.
When I leave my house, I'm always defenseless and unprepared for whatever life brings.

Think again.
And don't hate the player. Hate the game.

Anonymous said...

We are getting ever so close to the "Papers Pl;ease" status that it's scary. Does anybody study world history from 1930 to 1945? History can and does repeat itself and all we have is a lying, coweardly community organizer for a leader!!