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Friday, September 18, 2015


What recovery?

At this moment, president Obama is taking to the Business Roundtable where as noted previously he will discuss “the turnarounds in the stock market, housing iprices [sic?] and job growth.”

In other words: helping wealth inequality hit record levels, permitting Chinese and other offshore “investors” to push high-end US real estate prices to never before seen levels, while everyone else “benefits” from record jobs for bartenders and waiters.

As for the stock market, other socialist leaders will laugh at Obama’s puny returns.



Anonymous said...

Think it's bad now wait until Obamacare kicks in to full swing next year.

Anonymous said...

1989??? I made a hell of a lot more money in 1989 than now.

Anonymous said...

Only reason the stock market is UP is because the govt is controlling it.

Anonymous said...

15% of the population lives in poverty. Of course they do after all 15% of the population never graduated from school or has the mental capacity to succeed in todays economy. There will always be 15% living in poverty because there always has to be a lower 15%. The better question is how does the income and lifestyle of those 15% compare to those living in Haiti, Egypt, Ecuador or Uganda. Better to be in the bottom 5% of the USA than the bottom 70% of Venzuela.

Anonymous said...

Obama promised "Change", and he has done it, he has ruined America!

Anonymous said...

You people who think Obama is at fault and not yourselves will always be losers. Obama is going to be out of office soon and you will have to find somebody else to blame for your failure.

There were a lot of people who were riding high before Obama was ever in office and had fallen back to earth before he was in office too.

Imprudent, careless people. I watched them and wondered what they were doing and how long they could do it. Not long as it turned out.