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Friday, July 24, 2015

Gee, What Did SBYNews (EXCLUSIVELY) Say Last Week About This???

EXCLUSIVE: Entire US national security system possibly compromised by year-long cyber-assault

The prolonged hacking into the White House Office of Personnel Management, which put the personal information of at least some 21.5 million past and current federal employees in jeopardy, is only the beginning of the security threat to the Obama Administration and its successors, a number of top-level experts in cybersecurity have told Fox News. The attack has been frequently sourced as coming from China.

The experts warned that the entire U.S. national security clearance system could be compromised, that future senior government leaders and advisors could be targeted even before taking office, and hundreds, perhaps thousands, of government officials might successfully be blackmailed, bribed or otherwise manipulated in the future into handing over still more sensitive information.

The identity disaster could also weaken the U.S. in any time of military confrontation: “If we choose to engage in conflict, we are in a much weaker position,” one expert concluded.


Anonymous said...

It's amazing how inept this administration is. I guess when you put a bunch of community organizers together this is what you get. Ineptitude! #

Anonymous said...

I'm wondering how big a deal this really is.

Consider that our government has already been hijacked by people not loyal to the country.

And the strange Roberts decisions at the Supreme Court reek of blackmail. And how did Hastert go from unknown to Speaker of the House without anybody knowing about this molestation of children as a high school wrestling coach? It would be the perfect way to keep your thumb over a powerful position. Obama's rise is also similarly meteoric.

So would things really end up being all that different?

Anonymous said...

...hundreds, perhaps thousands, of government officials might successfully be blackmailed, bribed or otherwise manipulated..

I have a feeling that's already being done by the current administration.

It would explain some of our judges refuse to deal with certain things presented to them. Why they suddenly go quiet.

Steve said...

This is why Joe does! God bless him in his efforts. Without his machine, we would be back in the Daily Times Dark Ages.

Thank you, Joe, for your bravery!