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Friday, July 24, 2015

Logan Laplante, A 13 Year Old Boy Speaks At A TEDx Talk About His Home Schooling

A 13 year old boy, Logan Laplante, was taken out of the customary education and was home schooled. This actually resulted in a very good way for Logan as he got the chance to study the way he wanted, a very unique style of learning according to his interests. The traditional education cannot always provide each student with this chance.

At one of the TEDx Talk in 2013, Logan very remarkably talked about his education, as how the change in his education style changed his life and is helping him achieve his dreams. He talked about the question that is asked every day from a kid that “what do you wanna be when you grow up?” Now most of the adults would answer like they want to surgeons, astronauts and stuff but if a kid is asked this question then he or she is more likely to answer something like “I wanna be a skateboarder or a surfer or something”. He told that if a kid is asked this question then most of the time we are likely to get one of the “best answers” which is very simple and profound, “I wanna be happy.”


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