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Friday, July 24, 2015

State Police Investigate Theft from Talbot County Non-Profit

(NEAVITT, MD) The Maryland State Police Criminal Enforcement Division Upper Shore investigated and charged Talbot County woman with theft from a local non-profit organization today.

The suspect is identified as Lisa N. Gowe, 40, of the 2200 block of Balls Creek Road in Neavitt, Maryland. After consulting with the Talbot County State’s Attorney’s Office, Gowe has been charged with Theft-Scheme: $100,000 Plus. On July 23, 2015, Gowe reported to Maryland State Police Easton Barrack where she was served with Circuit Court Summons without incident.

The Maryland State Police Criminal Enforcement Division Upper Shore was contacted in January 2015, by members of the Talbot Waterman’s Association related to a criminal matter. The Talbot Waterman’s Association alleged that their treasurer and event organizer Lisa N. Gowe depleted the association’s bank accounts.

Investigators learned Gowe had full access to the association’s bank accounts starting in March 2010 through January of 2015. Bank records were obtained and investigators were able to determine there were numerous checks written, withdrawals made, outstanding debits, and electronic money transfers that were not authorized. Further investigation revealed Gowe used these funds for her personal gain without the knowledge or permission of the Talbot Waterman’s Association.

Gowe has been removed as treasurer and no longer has any access to the bank accounts in question. Investigation is ongoing.


Anonymous said...

Obviously she didn't spend the money at a Hair Salon or on make-up. She must have bought beer and cigarettes; you know the essentials.

Anonymous said...

They will never see a dime of it, even if she is ordered restitution it will be based upon her income and you can't get anything from zero income!

Anonymous said...

This is why with any organization you do not have ONE person handling the assets unchecked. Their should be a audit process on a weekly or monthly basis from another source who does not handle the money. This is basic management practices. This organization blindly let this lady steal from them. This should have been caught after the first time she misappropriated funds.

Anonymous said...

They are all sad when they get caught.
Eventually this happens when someone becomes suspicious or an audit is done.
I had a boss who stole over 50K from the company I used to work for buying supplies under a bogus company name. It wasn't until someone in accounting started to question the purchases did it finally get found. Unfortunately this person committed suicide over this rather than fact prosecution. It's was all over gambling! Very sad!.