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Friday, July 24, 2015

New York Acts to Mandate $15 Min.Wage in Fast Food

The labor protest movement that fast-food workers in New York City began nearly three years ago has led to higher wages for workers all across the country. On Wednesday, it paid off for the people who started it.

A panel appointed by Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo recommended on Wednesday that the minimum wage be raised for employees of fast-food chain restaurants throughout the state to $15 an hour over the next few years. Wages would be raised faster in New York City than in the rest of the state to account for the higher cost of living there.

The panel’s recommendations, which are expected to be put into effect by an order of the state’s acting commissioner of labor, represent a major triumph for the advocates who have rallied burger-flippers and fry cooks to demand pay that covers their basic needs. They argued that taxpayers were subsidizing the workforces of some multinational corporations, like McDonald’s, that were not paying enough to keep their workers from relying on food stamps and other welfare benefits.



Anonymous said...

Now half will lose their jobs and will really need welfare. This will also put fast food buisneses at a disadvantage and possibly put them out of buisness. Would you pay $12 for a burger at McDonalds or go to a sit down restaurant for a better meal for just a few dollars more?

Anonymous said...

It's quite simple

1. Stay in school
2. Go to college
3. Get a good job that pays well
4. Problem solved

Flipping burgers does not warrant $15/hour

Anonymous said...

Will only lead to more unemployment in the nation of Corporation dominace and will kill the little guy. Oh and higher prices on everything...why are they not working to increase our buying power with what we have lower prices and corp GREED

Anonymous said...

It just means that everyone will get raises going up the chain, but those people on retirement will get screwed as the prices of everything goes up

Anonymous said...

As in seattle, next they will want fewer working hours. You'll see. Dummies!

Anonymous said...

Most fast food places hire high school kids still living with their parents. They do not have to support families. They have no skills. When I was growing up you start out at minimum wage which at that time was $1.60 an hour. As you got skills and experience you moved up to better paying jobs. Unskilled no experienced teenagers flipping burgers do not deserve $15.00 an hour.

Anonymous said...

Won't survive lawsuit; it's really a Bill of Attainder.

Will make robotic restaurants even more attractive; we're already pouring our own drinks courtesy of minimum wage bump some years back.

Fast food is often not fast anymore due to menu item proliferation, and it is less and less cheaper than other vendors.

But those who lose their $15/hr jobs can shuffle to the regular minimum wage jobs and hope to get again for the 'Big Bucks'.

Anonymous said...

Ahem! Ocean City only pays their bus drivers $14/hr. Next time, ask McDonalds for a ride I guess.