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Friday, July 24, 2015

Town of Berlin comes up big in bathtub races

It says something about a small town when three grown men wearing bathrobes and shower caps can lead a parade of makeshift bathtubs down Main Street on a Friday evening and not one of the hundreds of people in attendance seemed at all fazed.

Such was the scene during the 2015 Bathtub Races in Berlin, just minutes before the start of the actual competition, which lasted just over an hour and saw Berlin’s Water Resources Department take home the coveted “Winner Takes All” trophy, narrowly beating out the Bayside Gazette team during the decisive heat.

Water Resources nearly took the trophy last year as well, but came up short after blowing a tire.

“We definitely came with extra inner tubes this year,” said Sean Cooper, who drove the town’s “tub” during the last race.


1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Why would Berlin be fazed? The whole darn town is inhabited by the " people of Walmart "! What's next? Toothless corn on the cob eating contest?