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Monday, May 11, 2015

The Garland Police Ignored Warnings By Anonymous TWO DAYS Before ISIS Struck

Garland, Texas – On the 4th of May, Elton Simpson, aged 30 and Nadir Soofi, aged 34, opened fire on an unarmed security guard outside of a Prophet Muhammad drawing contest.

Word has gotten out that two days before that incident, a woman living outside of the US, who was connected to Anonymous, had sent a message to the official Garland Police Department Twitter account warning of a potential Islamic State attack.

Apparently, the message never raised any red flags… or was forwarded on by police. Was it Incompetence, too much information…? Or did they let it happen?

“That is the first time I’ve heard that,” GPD spokesman Joe Harn said, when informed of the warning, according to The Daily Dot. “We were monitoring things; we had the FBI and ATF, but we didn’t see anything [on Twitter].”

The Muhammad Art Exhibit and Contest was, in actuality, a poorly-disguised attempt at provoking a reaction from Muslims… extremist or otherwise. It was a Muhammad drawing contest being held under the auspices of free speech, and would have been considered blasphemous and a direct provocation to Muslims as it is forbidden within Islam to create physical representations of the Prophet. It is widely thought that the January attack on satirical French paper Charlie Hedbo was a direct result of their humorous cartoon depictions of the Prophet; as such, it is surprising that the police department did not take sufficient precautions to protect the unarmed guards, particularly when they were warned of the pending threat.



Anonymous said...

Just goes to show that the need to monitor "everything" isn't a smart way to fight terrorism.

lmclain said...

The Constitution doesn't recognize any special exemptions for muslims hurt feelings.
Just remember this when we talk about "not PROVOKING muslim anger ---- EVERY DAY in New York City, you can find several muslim (often quite a few) taking advantage of our "free speech" rights to scream at all passersby that Jews are dogs and deserve to die, America is evil and will be destroyed, and calling upon anyone to join the Jihad against evil America.
And WE are supposed to take into account their hurt feelings??