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Thursday, May 07, 2015

A Professor At Polk State College Allegedly Failed A Student For Refusing To Say Jesus Is A “Myth”

The hatred and persecution of Christians in America is growing at an exponential rate. Because this student would not submit to this Marxist professor’s view of Christianity, she received four zeroes on four papers, which is unheard of, unless of course the professor is making a political statement – which he was. The Dean of Academic Affairs Donald Painter sees nothing wrong with the materials or the course and condescendingly told the parents of this 16 year-old, ‘too bad you got offended, but you knew what the course was like,’ or something to that effect. Being a professor is not open season to belittle and punish students merely because they do not subscribe to the professor’s radical opinions,” Mat Staver, founder and chairman of Liberty Counsel, said in a press release. And he’s absolutely right.



Anonymous said...

College has ruined a lot of young minds. It appears this young student is still in tact. Thankfully she will prevail.

Anonymous said...

If you believe in this guy coming back to life after dying, you must also believe in Santa and his magic, the Tooth Fairy, Lepricons, ect.

Steve said...

Belief works every day. If you have not found belief, then it does not exist to you. But, the fact is, it does exist for the believers, and they enjoy the benefits of it every day.

Witching rods? I always thought was hogwash. Then I worked 3 years with a backhoe operator who used them. Miss Utility tried, but the witching rods found all.

They never worked for me until I saw this man do the unthinkable. After that, the rods work now for me every time!

Because I now believe.

And owning the truth is awesome!

Jesus existed to show us that a human could be perfect. God, the Father is there. The Holy Spirit is the "voices inside us" that guide us each day to follow the Father.

And once you can get your head around all that and can bring yourself to believe, everything starts to work differently.

Best wishes.

Anonymous said...

I believe

Anonymous said...

6:11 if I am right then I have something to look forward to. You my friend are gambling with eternity. I hope you find some kind of faith I think life could be a horrible thing without faith. I wish you peace.

Anonymous said...

"College has RUINED a lot of young minds"
WTH are you talking about 4:14??
OMG, that is honestly the dumbest statement I've ever read.

Anonymous said...

Study the Bible with
Church Leaders----You will Know it is
truth for it was ALL told before
"HE" ever came to earth!!

I Know that I know that I Know!

Anonymous said...

9:19 its no use to be mad that some professor convinced you to get that philosophy degree. Then you discovered the big 5 philosophy firms weren't hiring. Go get a real job, loser.

lmclain said...

His disciples traveled the far reaches of the world telling people what they witnessed.
They were tortured, maimed and killed for what they said and their deaths are DOCUMENTED history.
Non believers want us to believe that these men all got together, made up a story that benefitted them in no way and then traveled to hostile places where they endured terrible things.
So these men, without question, existed and devoted their lives to someone who didn't exist or do the things they say they saw happen?? They risked their very lives to spread a tale of magic?
Yeah THAT makes a lot of sense.
They were eyewitnesses and what they saw was so great, so fantastic, so miraculous, that they were driven to tell everyone.
That's not a myth. But there IS something called "willfully ignorant".
And there will be a reckoning for that....