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Monday, January 12, 2015

So Why Is Obama Pushing For Free Community College?

Look, I've never claimed to be the smartest person in America but it does crack me up when your Main Stream media simply follows whatever politicians are telling you and refuse to put any additional thought into what they are trying to say and do.

Let's go back to when I was running for Mayor. As I went door to door I discussed the troubles Universities were about to confront based on the new Online College competition. 

I stated that I was a forward thinker and Salisbury should be well prepared. Heck, even last week I came up with a proposal for grade schools and dividing the A & B Students from the C, D & E Students. 

Should A College Degree Guarantee A Decent Paying Job?

Interesting how all of a sudden the President comes up with a similar program, except his is with Community Colleges all of a sudden. Hmmmm, are they following Salisbury News? 

Now, who finances ALL Student Loans? The Government does. Who's thinking ahead, the government is. They know that the Online College degrees will seriously compete with local, state and Ivy League Colleges. They also know that IF they tease them into a Community College, the major majority will NOT switch their final 2 years for an Online Degree, unless your a Fire Chief, or something. 

It's all about the money and closing off the competition. If you stay home with your Parents you don't have to provide a car, insurance, housing, food, the whole nine yards. However, if you go off to college and like many students do, they go to a Community College for two years and finish off their education at a larger and more respected College. Therefore, (in most cases) the government is going to provide the finances and collect interest on that money.

Never underestimate a FREE deal. Especially when it comes to our government.


Anonymous said...

where will they find all the educators and educrats necessary to work for free?

Anonymous said...

The online colleges have the highest rates of student loans and also have the highest dropout rate - most going to the for profit online degrees don't finish. The Invisible Hand will correct for this. The traditional American University is still the worlds gold standard.

Anonymous said...

Because the socialist/communist has thought of yet another way to redistribute wealth by giving taxpayer money away for community college attendance? There is just such an unlimited supply of the money from whats left of the middle class after all.

Anonymous said...

12:55-An accurate eval of this situation can be made better from the outside looking in.Free Community colleges coupled with lower employee standards will change the dynamics of the gold standard.It may still have that status of which you speak,but not for long.The # of traditional college graduates now greatly outnumber the # of available jobs commensurate to their degrees'

Anonymous said...

So you have devised a system to separate the high achievers from the low achievers?? How does this differ from the TAG program (talented & gifted) that was scrapped for "No child left behind" which dumbed DOWN OUR STUDENTS??

Anonymous said...

"I'm from the government and i'm here to help you". SCARY, Isn't it??